large v belt pulley

Die-cast zinc alloy and cast iron V-belt sheaves feature solid construction for long-lasting performance. Find adjustable and fixed bore V-belt pulleys. Precision zinc alloy sheaves feature machined grooves and bores for high concentricity and offer your choice of spoked and solid construction.

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OEM casting According to the customer’s requirements
raw material GG25/GG20/QT400
Technological route Model making→Pouring→Opening→Machining→dynamic balance→paint→ Finishing→Heat treatment→Non-destructive→Inspection→packing
Standard ISO9001-2000
Casting process silica sol investment casting,Sodium Silicate sand casting,Sodium Silicate investment casting, lost-wax investment casting, clay sand casting, furan resin sand casting, shell Casting, die casting
Inspection magnetic particle test, tensile test, etc.
Surface treatment Anti-rust oil, zinc-plating, paint or as per requirements