Ever-Power’s worm gear reducers were created with a hollow bore and allow for a corner convert with optional dual result. The reducers come in 12 ratios ranging from 5:1 to 100:1, with non-back-drivable ratios 30:1 and higher. Our correct angle gearboxes are designed with five mounting options providing versatility when incorporating the reducer into item.
The right angle bevel gearbox combines the features of our right angle worm and planetary inline reducers. With a good and efficient correct angle configuration, our correct angle planetary gearboxes provide a robust solution. The right angle bevel gearbox comes in 18 ratios ranging from 5:1 to 1000:1, and it is back-drivable at all ratios.
Our I-Series small planetary gearbox configurations supply the smallest footprint and quietest operation of our rate reducers. These gearboxes are made to deal with varying loads with small backlash. With frame sizes 52cm, 62cm, and 81cm, 12 ratios which range from 5:1 to 308:1, we’ve a solution to suit your needs. Our 52 frame size can be available with plastic-type material gears for noise-sensitive applications.
Our inline planetary gearbox configurations supply the highest performance and best result torque of most our rate reducers. These gearboxes are designed to deal with varying loads with small backlash. Planetary equipment reducers operate more quietly than parallel shaft reducers. With 18 ratio choices ranging from 5:1 to 1000:1, we have a solution to suit your needs.
Parallel shaft gearboxes will be the best choice for constant duty applications. Their equipment cluster design provides a highly effective method for dissipating warmth. Parallel shaft gearboxes have the shortest amount of our inline gear reducer options so they work well in conditions with limited space. Our parallel shaft equipment reducers offer an affordable drop-in alternative solution for most small parallel shaft gearmotors.
High torque capacity in a compact package – Due to the load posting of several world gears, planetary equipment reducers can handle the same torque a bigger parallel axis equipment set may take. Although planetary equipment sets will probably have more components than a parallel axis gear set, the smaller-size-for-equivalent-torque planetary reducer will end up being less expensive.
High efficiency – An individual stage of planetary gears will likely be over 95 percent effective.
High reduction ratios – Ratios as high as 11:1 can be achieved within a planetary gear stage whereas it is challenging to achieve much higher than 5:1 in one parallel axis stage. Nevertheless, it is extremely hard for planetary sets to attain a ratio much under 3:1 due to geometric interferences. A parallel shaft set isn’t limited on low ratios as they can be as far down as 1:1 (idler gear).
High torsional stiffness – Since the sun gear will likely contact multiple world gears, the torsional stiffness, or resistance to elastic deformation, is higher in a planetary gear set than parallel axis gear set[ii].
Lubrication versatility – Planetary gear sets may be lubricated with either oil or grease. The gears within a planetary set prevent grease from escaping, unlike standard spur equipment sets, and continuously redistribute the lubrication allowing for many different mounting orientations[iii].
Integrated casing option – The ring equipment in a planetary set may be designed such that it is also the external housing for the whole gearbox. Reducing the amount of components reduces assembly period and part cost increasing the bottom line.
Coaxial alignment & Path of Rotation – The result shaft upon a planetary gear set is “coaxially-aligned” with the electric motor shaft meaning they reveal the same axis. The planetary result shaft also rotates in the same path as the electric motor whereas the result shaft on a single-stage parallel axis gear set rotates opposing of the motor direction. If an offset of the output shaft is preferred, a parallel axis gear established may be added to the planetary established, or a complete parallel axis gear set may be used.
Thermal capacity – because the size of a planetary gear reducer is certainly smaller sized than that of the same torque capacity parallel axis unit, the thermal capacity will likely not be as on top of the planetary gear reducer-making this type of reducer a good fit in intermittent duty applications. Planetary equipment reducers can still operate continuously, but measures may need to be taken to avoid the gearbox from overheating.
Construction equipment
Door & gate openers
Food & beverage mixers
Material handling equipment
Medical devices
Packaging equipment
Power tools
Vehicle transmissions
Wind generation
Planetary equipment reducers have many positive features and advantages over other types of gear reducers. Contact Ever-Power today and ask about fractional horsepower planetary gearmotors for your built-in motion solution.
Planetary Reducer for NEMA23 (Flange=57mm) Stepper Motor
Step distance precision 5 %
Precision less than 15 Arcmin
Material aluminum alloy shell
Longevity, High precision, Low noise
Specifications for this item
Brand Name Ever-Power
EAN 0737080768390
Material aluminum alloy
Model Number 57PX
Number of Items 1
Part Number 57PX-10
Size 10:1
Style Ratio 10:1
UNSPSC Code 26101200
UPC 737080768390
Our Planetary Gearing range can be used in industrial applications. From mining fluid recovery to amusement rides.
It features an inline design that provides ratios of reduction from 1.1:1, to 50,000:1; regular in a single stage housing!
Our planetary reducers combine high load capacity, with a soft and quiet operation. Our line has a long operating existence, all in a single very compact package.
Planetary speed reducer operating principle
The planetary speed reducer & gearbox is a kind of transmission mechanism. It utilizes the speed transducer of the gearbox to reduce the turnover number of the motor to the mandatory one and get a huge torque. How will a planetary gearbox work? We can find out more about it from the structure.
The main transmission structure of the planetary gearbox is planet gears, sun gear and ring gear. The ring gear is situated in close contact with the inner gearbox case. The sun gear driven by the external power lies in the center of the ring gear. Between the sun gear and ring gear, there exists a planetary gear set consisting of three gears similarly built-up at the earth carrier, which is floating among them counting on the support of the result shaft, ring gear and sun equipment. When the sun equipment is certainly actuated by the input power, the planet gears will be driven to rotate and then revolve around the center along with the orbit of the band gear. The rotation of the earth gears drives the result shaft linked with the carrier to result the power.
Planetary speed reducer applications
Planetary speed reducers & gearboxes have a whole lot of advantages, like small size, light-weight, high load capability, lengthy service life, high reliability, low noise, huge output torque, wide range of speed ratio, high efficiency and so forth. Besides, the planetary acceleration reducers gearboxes in EP are made for square flange, which are easy and easy for installation and ideal for AC/DC servo motors, stepper motors, hydraulic motors etc.
Due to these advantages, planetary gearboxes can be applied to the lifting transport, engineering machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemicals, building machinery, light and textile market, medical equipment, instrument and gauge, car, ships, weapons, aerospace and other industrial sectors.
Multi-stage modular design
Easy customization
Modular add-on accessories
Ground gears (bevel and planet wheels)
Easy to fit in any industrial application
Reduced maintenance intervals
Easy maintenance
Globally product and service support