Ever-power Helical Couplings, or beam couplings, are a different type of flexible coupling enabling axial motion, angular misalignment and parallel offset. This coupling design features one-piece construction leading to zero backlash. The coupling is manufactured flexible by removing material from the piece in a spiral pattern. Ever-power Helical Couplings are available in aluminum and stainless.

For position accuracy and vibration reduction in a servo system, these couplings solve misalignment difficulties in response-mandatory servo systems created for the
semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, scanning equipment and many automation applications. Regular sizes obtainable in bores 3 mm thru 16 mm
Commercial and Precision Helical Couplings

Flexible Couplings have the ability to compensate for shaft misalignment and so are designed to accommodate numerous kinds of load conditions. No-one type of coupling can offer the universal alternative to all coupling problems; therefore many designs are available, each possessing structure features to accommodate a number of types of software requirements. Ever-power offers many styles of versatile couplings, such as for example bellows couplings, helical couplings, Oldham couplings, common joints, and flexible shafts
Precision Flexible Antivibration Couplings

Commercial & Precision Flexible Couplings

Ever-power Bellows Couplings are flexible couplings made to accommodate numerous kinds of load circumstances. Ever-power Hi-Flex Bellows Couplings are used for applications which need huge amounts of shaft misalignment coupled with low resultant radial loads on the bearings. Ever-power Modular Bellows Couplings are configurable and provide high torsional rigidity for high quickness torque transmission. A multitude of bore sizes and combinations can be found to accommodate specific needs.