China fluid coupling
KX is a continuous crammed fluid coupling with a particular patented oil circuit made to commence up big inertia equipment pushed by electric powered motors

Oil or h2o consistent fill
Compact and reduced starting torque design
Large temperature Viton seals
ATEX design available
Measurements from fifteen to 29
Power from 100 to 1340hp
Internal fuse plug
Normal programs:

Opened h2o fill for mine programs

China fluid coupling
BM-Series Versatile Couplings

BM Equipment Couplings are made for shaft-to-shaft set up, appropriate for all engineering needs where a steady transmission of power is needed.


Almost upkeep free – “NO Grease Required”
Shock and vibration damping
Compensation of misalignments
Swift and easy alter of versatile components
Fail-risk-free and able of withstanding substantial overloads
17 distinct measurements obtainable with torque functionality exceeding 33100NM (24,414.fifty six lbs-ft)